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About Kathryn Jolly

Hello, My name is Kathryn Jolly and I would love to have the opportunity to photograph you and your family. 

I am based in the Hills District of Sydney, Castle Hill, and I have a home studio. I am also happy to meet you on location i.e. a park or beach or your home. Different locations create a unique feel to your photos, so maybe we should have a chat about what look is best for you. 

About me

I have always been quite obsessed with photographing faces and people and since I was quite young. I would imagine photoshoots in my head in every location that I visited as a child. I would look at the light and textures and get excited about different type of portraits that can be taken there. When I learned camera skills at the age of 14, I would make everyone pose for me. Most of my friends have memories of me talking them to location photo sessions, often quite crazy, dress up ones. I never wanted to be in front of the camera, always behind, taking the very best portraits of everyone I met. After so many years, I can look at someone now and know exactly how they should be photographed in the best light and pose. All I really need to do is to make my subjects feel comfortable as everything else is already a reflex. 

The most common thing that clients say to me after they see proofs from the session is:

It was so fast and so hectic with the kids, I honestly did not think you got anything! These are amazing! - that's what I mean about reflex, ha ha. I got ya!


I photograph a lot of children, because I feel that their every nuance and every expression is so precious. It has to be recorded, caught and kept forever. Photographing kids makes me happy. Seeing happy parents makes me happy. I am a parent, I know that feeling of loving everything about your child and wanting to hang onto every detail before it changes.

I photograph parents, older kids and couples. My main aim is to make everyone feel comfortable, look beautiful and love the work enough to happily hang it on their walls for the world to see and admire. 

My sessions are relaxed, with plenty of time allowed to settle the kids. My photography style is a combination of classic and modern. Nothing too stiff but not random chaos either. 




Do you travel?

 I do photograph a bulk of the sessions in my home studio, however location photography is fun and I am very happy to meet clients on location.

How long have you been a photographer?

Professionally, I have been shooting portraits for about 10 years and weddings for about 4 years. 

Do you shoot colour or black and white?

All photographs are taken in colour and edited in Photoshop to make the colours lovely and bright. Some photos look amazing in black and white as well. When purchasing your colour family portrait photos, black and white versions are included free of charge. A lot of clients print their wall portraits in black and white for that modern and timeless look. 

How do I book you? 

You can send me a message straight from this site, or email . If you call me on the phone, be prepared to wait for an answer, (text is best) as I am busy, busy shooting and hanging out with my clients in my home studio. I look over my messages in the evening and will answer all your questions as soon as I can. 

How far in advance do I book?

As soon as you know that you wish to be photographed by me. The sooner you secure your booking, the better change of getting the perfect date and time of day. Most sessions only require $50 deposit to secure your booking. 

Can I meet you?

Absolutely. I have an office in my home at Castle Hill and see all my clients there. I am happy to make your appointment late in the evening, after work if required. I am very flexible. Since social media is at everyones fingertips these days, I chat to a lot of my clients via Facebook Messenger and email as well. 

Do you retouch your images?

Yes, all images are retouched in Photoshop and Lightroom. It is a labour of love to retouch images by hand and it can take a while. A portrait session takes about 2 weeks or so.