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Preparing for Cake Smash


What to bring to session?

- outfit for baby for pre-cake smash photos (stays clean)

- a towel to dry baby after the bath

- a drink, sugar sweet cake makes babies very thirsty


How long is the session and what happens?

Your cake smash will take 1 hour, up to 2 hours.

It is a fun, busy session with a lot happening. Wear comfortable clothing as you will spend most of the time on the floor with your baby. You might get cake and icing on you. A hug from you baby is not unusual, and they are usually covered in icing. 

Mum and dad and siblings are invited to join baby in their cake smash, and eat cake with baby. 

After the smash, we give baby a real bath, with bubbles and bath toys. 


Special advice

It is essential that your baby is rested and fed prior to coming to the studio. A happy baby will enjoy their cake smash and explore. A tired baby will complain and get very clingy and want to stay with mum and dad.

Book your session to start after a recent nap. It makes all the difference!


What will baby wear?

I provide a tutu dress and headbands for girls and variety of shorts for boys. 

I ask parents to dress baby in an outfit for pre-cake smash photos. It provides bit of a change of look and adds variety.

Family photos are taken after the bath and you can use a different outfit again, if you wish.


What happens with the photos after the cake smash?

Cake Smashes are photographed like an event, so everything is photographed on the day.

You will receive on the average 100-150 photos. They are edited and put into a private online gallery. You will be given a link to access your gallery and a pin code. Pin code will allow you to download your images in any size that you wish. Gallery is also great for sharing your Cake Smash with all your family and friends. It looks great on the phone and iPads etc.

You can use your images on your TV and play them like a slideshow. These are large high definition files and will look great on large TV.


Do you have any more questions?

Please click CONTACT ME on this site. 





Preparing for a newborn session in studio.


What to bring?

My home studio is well equipped with everything that is needed to photograph a newborn baby. Backgrounds, props, wraps, blankets are found here in plentiful supply. 

All you need to bring is your baby, nappies and baby food.

If you have a special hat or outfit or anything that you wish to be included in a photo please bring it along.

Getting your baby ready for a photo session.

Newborn photos are normally done on a sleeping baby. While they are sleeping they can put into cute poses and placed in a basket or on posed in mums arms etc. So the idea is to bring a slightly tired baby, then feed it in the studio and hopefully your bub will drift off to sleep.

Some photographers ask mums to bathe the baby just before the session to really get them relaxed. I do not specifically ask, but I say do what works for your baby to get them tired and then sleepy.

I keep the studio warm and cosy and white noise is playing to settle your baby quickly. The room is large and private and has all you need to be comfortable breast feeding and changing nappies etc.

What to wear:

I do encourage mum and dads to have photos taken withe their new arrival. It is best to wear plain clothes without too much fussy things going on, such as ruffles, patterns, logos etc. White, cream, grey, black are good colours to wear.



 Preparing for a Mini session in the studio.

 What to bring for older babies and children.

I ask parents to bring any child outfits that they may want photographed. It is fun styling a session and choosing clothing to match the props etc. 

When choosing clothing please remember that fit and colour are much more important than how new the clothes are, or how fancy.

Simple, well fitting clothing is much better than fussy outfits with lots of folds, details and patterns. Don't go panic buying, as your child most likely has what you need. Think about showing their arms and legs, as you will want to see your child in the photos in years to come. Outfits date, keep it simple and classic. For girls dresses are better than skirt and top. For boys, well fitting simple clothing, without logos. I ask parents to remove shoes, so you don't need these, especially for younger kids.